Our Alumni Board.

Established in 2019, AKK has a passionate Alumni Board that helps build continuity and provide direction for the house. All board members were dedicated presidents during their tenure at AKK and their continued support of the house helps maintain the wonderful atmosphere we all enjoy today. 

Steussy head shot 2.jpeg


Dr. Bryan Stuessy

Shah-Viral 2.jpeg

Pulmonary and Critical Care 

Dr. Viral Shah

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Dr. Mara Alexeev

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Dr. Gabe Fierro-Fine

House Presidents
& Officers.

Resident elected Presidents & Officers work hard to help AKK run on a day-to-day basis. Positions are open annually so all residents are welcome to join and gain valuable leadership experience.

alex belzer.jpg

Alex Belzer


Alex ensures that everyone has a furnished room upon arrival, answers all emails, and helps lead AKK recruitment efforts. 


Anthony Young


Anthony pays our Bills, Bills, Bills.

He manages our house spending with our accountant and ensures we have adequate funding for our bills, taxes, and more.

Nolan Redetzke.jpg

Nolan Redetzke


Nolan is our fix-it Bob. Can he fix it? Yes, he can for the most part, but sometimes he will call in a professional if necessary. 


Thomas Pak

Alumni Relations

Thomas works with our Alumni Board to help coordinate house renovations, fundraising efforts, and networking opportunities for house residents. 

max wei 2.jpg

Max Wei

Supplies Officer & Social Chair

Max wears many hats. He keeps our house supplies stocked, keeps our cereal & milk flowing, and creates opportunites for house bonding.